• We need Joe Kennedy III in the

    United States Senate

    Please sign our petition, and encourage him to jump into the race!

  • "Jump In, Joe!" Signing Off

    September 21, 2019

  • Latest Update!

    September 18, 2019

    From the "Jump In, Joe!" team...

    Over the last six weeks, we have shared why we believe Congressman Kennedy should jump into the race for United States Senate in 2020. We are excited that he has decided to run, and look forward to the campaign ahead. This will be an energetic campaign about the future and how we can confront the challenges facing our Commonwealth and nation. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in support of this effort!

  • Why We're Ready for Joe Kennedy III for

    US Senate

    He has energy, courage, integrity, and progressive ideas.

    The United States Senate needs a bench of proactive, progressive leaders to counter the divisive tactics of Senator Mitch McConnell and his Republican Party. We believe the United States Senate needs Joe Kennedy III.

    He knows all Americans deserve mental and physical healthcare.

    He took on then-Speaker Paul Ryan, labeling the Republicans' efforts to strip healthcare from millions of Americans as an "act of malice."

    He knows that families belong together and no child belongs in a cage.

    He stood at the US/Mexico border days after news of family separation broke, proclaiming to the crowd that "humanity does not require a green card."

    He demands action on climate change.

    "Climate change is real and it is here... We can cower and pretend it doesn’t exist or we can begin to fight for our environment, our world, our future and our present. In the most powerful, most innovative nation on earth, that choice shouldn’t be hard."

    - Joe Kennedy III

    He pushes for action on gun violence, and fights myths about it.

    From the House floor, Joe has implored lawmakers to take action on gun violence, and has held up Massachusetts as an example for sensible gun laws. He rejects stigmatizing and false narratives that gun violence is based on mental health difficulties, or that arming teachers will make our children safe. He knows that, "This is personal."

    He appreciates the value and contributions of vocational-tech education and skills.

    He understands the critical contributions of vocational and technical professions to our local businesses. He works hard to promote this much needed training, whether at Diman Regional Voc-Tech High School in Fall River, MA, or across the country.

    He stands up for our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors.

    He has led efforts to protect transgender Americans and the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and hate, most recently introducing the "Do No Harm" Act.

    He is a champion for women.

    He has championed equal pay for equal work, the preservation of a woman's right to choose, and the courage of survivors speaking out in the #MeToo movement.

    He proposes "moral capitalism".

    He has framed the national economic debate with his platform of "moral capitalism," designed to tackle "the mounting injustice of our modern economy."

    He fights hard for his district.

    Throughout his national efforts, he has never forgotten his Massachusetts constituents. He has remained focused on the experiences of his home state's communities and families, fighting for community health centers, legal aid, mental health care, vocational education, and immigrant families.


    Over the last several years, Congressman Kennedy has broken through the partisan noise with moral clarity.

    We think Congressman Kennedy should run for the United States Senate not simply to oppose any person or because his last name is Kennedy. The Congressman should run because our country is vulnerable, and he has demonstrated that he has the energy, courage, and progressive ideas to fight for the Commonwealth and put our nation on a more just course.

    We need Joe Kennedy III in the United States Senate.​

    Joe is considering running in 2020!

    (Please see his facebook comment, above.)

    Click here to sign the petition now, so he can see your support!

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    - 9/5/2019

    - 8/26/2019

  • Who are we?

    We are progressive, grassroots supporters of the Congressman and admire his passion for the issues that are important to us, and, we believe, the Commonwealth and nation. We started this effort on our own because we believe Joe's proactive, progressive voice is needed in the United States Senate to counter the divisiveness of Senator Mitch McConnell and those who place partisanship over what's best for our country. This is not about the incumbent, this is about Joe Kennedy. We encourage him to run for Senate in 2020.


    Valerie Frias is a New Bedford native, Brookline attorney, and veteran civil rights advocate.


    Jamie Hoag is a resident of Watertown and a former aide to Governor Deval Patrick.


    Barbara Kamholz is a resident of Brookline, clinical psychologist, and social justice activist.


    Junior Paquette is a resident of Fall River and a community activist.


    Kimberley Spencer is a resident of Newton and active in progressive causes.

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    Thanks to the excitement of people all over Massachusetts, Congressman Kennedy's possible 2020 US Senate campaign (and Jump In, Joe!) is getting attention in and out of the Commonwealth…